Best Software Houses in Pakistan

The industry of Information Technology is growing very fastly in Pakistan, specially in the capital of Punjab, Lahore, according to an estimate there are approximately more than 400 software houses operating.

Nearly out of these 50 Software Houses are well established with solid financial status, and their business is going good speed. Most of these 50 are product based software houses, with their core products they do hang with smaller projects.

As far as, developer’s point of view, an employee’s future is more safe in product based software house, but one has to sacrifice his learning. On the other side he gets handsome package. Talking about Project based software houses, learning is very good but one has to sacrifice his financial amount. Now trend is changing, medium sized software houses are paying too. But 1 or 2 roomed software houses still don’t pay. Following is a list of the best software houses in pakistan.

Here is a list of best software houses in pakistan:

[box][ordered_list style=”decimal”]

  1. NetSol Technologies Revenue: 253466767 CMMI Level 5
  2. Ovex Technologies Revenue: 175595426
  3. TRG Tech Revenue: 134039606
  4. System Pvt Ltd. Revenue: 116741802 CMMI Level 3
  5. Elixir Tech Ibds Revenue: 92877596
  6. Descon Revenue:83958.584 CMMI Level 2
  7. Enterprise DB (Fusion Itech.) Revenue:50889657
  8. Kalsoft CMMI Level 3
  9. Si3 System Innovations CMMI Level 2
  10. Mentor Graphics

CMMI = Capability Maturity Model Integration

[/ordered_list] [/box]

These are the best software houses in pakistan. Here is another list of software houses in lahore